Thursday, February 6, 2014

The god’s we make

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. I grew up reading the Bible knowing the existence of God based on how it is recorded in the Bible. I believed in a God who was self existing from time immortal. This God whom I know was not created, but I believe is the creator of everything. No one made Him a God, but He is that supreme power that He is.

The perception of this supernatural being called God which I have picturized within me, seems to be so different from what many have in this country. This ‘God’, I now see, seems that He can be easily created. The things I learnt growing up are different from what it is now. I realized now that becoming god is easy in the land where I live in.

Easy steps to become God:

  1. Become a master blaster cricketer:
In a nation obsessed by the game of cricket, all you need to do is to become a very good batsman. Score loads of runs even if your team loses the match. All you have to do is to play cricket all your life. Money and fame will be at your door step. You will be crowned ‘The God of Cricket’.  

          Requirement: Have a strong, fit body. 

  1. Start acting:
Entering the film industry would be the best idea if you ever thought of becoming a God. If you become a superstar, you become a god. People will build places of worship for you. Most of the actors and actress have these things built for them.

Requirement: Should be born in a wealthy family. Fair/dark skin,                                 fat/muscular body not needed.  

  1. Enter politics:
You become popular and powerful when you become a politician. Place of worships are built for politicians and they are worshiped.

          Requirement: Should be good in convincing masses. Should be an                              exception in knowing all the crooked ways. If you’re                              good at cheating, then this is the right choice. 

  1. Dress less and Meditate more:
Yes, if you dress less, wearing minimal clothes and sit under a tree motionless for some days, you are in for a surprise when you open your eyes. People would have built a place of worship around you and would be performing spiritual rituals to you. This too, like the above is a very enticing way to become god.

The common result for all the above ways is that fame, money and power are guaranteed which come along with a ‘god’ status. So, isn't it easy?

Analyzing this issue:

I pondered on this for many days trying to understand this whole concept of who god is? Why does a man believe that another commoner, the same human as he is, is a superhuman being? The answer is simple. The search for god, is what makes him do all these things.

The quest for peace, joy, love and happiness ends with God. When man realizes this, he starts searching for God. This search makes him go to extends where he ends up doing the same old things as before if, he does not end up on the right path which is, as recorded in the Holy scriptures’, as Jesus said ‘’I am the way, the truth, and the life:’’

*this article is written not to target any religion or community but solely for the purpose of helping a person to analyze his life.   

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Save life - Written for Help a child of India

With nearly 20 million homeless children, out of which 10 million are girls, India’s future stands at the brink of a lost path. In spite of several measures and strict laws, safety and security of women continue to be the concern across the country. The episodes of Nirbhayas and Abhayas exposes how unprotected are girl children, particularly those who dream of pursuing education and employment in a city not known to them. Attacks and abuses are unabated. One incident follows another with spine-chilling details. It is a stab through the heart to hear of every instance when a woman has been traumatised.

Some alarming facts:

• 12 out of 100 girls are forced into child labor
• 18 out of 100 girls are married off before they turn 15.
• 1 out of 4 girl children go through abuse (Physical/ emotional/ Sexual)
   before the age of 4.

Many children growing up on the peripherals of the society become victims of various kinds of abuses - sexual, physical and emotional. Unlike few fortunate children who enjoy a decent life, many are deprived of safety, love, affection and supervision of adults. Many children walk around with empty stomachs. All the bad elements in the society misuse such innocent children and they are forced into child labor, abuse, drug abuses and also into anti social acts.

Help a Child of India after intensive research in a quest to address these issues, have identified 10 Urban Agglomerates where we will work for the protection and wellbeing of girl children. They are 

Amritsar  |  Ghaziabad  |  Guwahati  |  Vishakhapatnam  |  Surat
Patna  |  Pune  |  Ranchi  |  Coimbatore  |  Ernakulum

There is a great mission that is ahead of us “Caring for the Girl Child”. Our focus is to help empower underprivileged women and girls in India through personal safety and physical self-defence training. We need your support and contribution for this venture.

No girl – No mother – No life.  So,

Join us and Help a Girl child live in dignity.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rise up India - In aid of Help a Child of India

Help A Child of India ( has had its presence in India for 44 years and has been working for the welfare of marginalised children, irrespective of their caste, language or religion. The work of Help a Child is spread across 14 states and currently over 10,000 children are supported. Its interventions are mainly in the area of education, health and vocational training.

The concert is unique as 50 percent of the seats is reserved for children and large part being under privileged children from various Orphanages in and around Chennai.

The concert will feature two children bands "Minor Chords" and "CeeGees". The proceeds from the concert will be used for the "Girl Child Protection" initiative of Help a Child of India .

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Make it clean

This is an amazing video which I stumbled across while surfing the net. This, I am sure will teach a lot of lessons to all of us. Watch and follow its message .... Make this a better place to live...:-)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Title: Nandri Jesus

Many times I started writing songs, but never completed anything. I have always thought to myself why am I not able to write a song. This song talks about the love of my lord Jesus. It is a time to thank the Lord for all the goodness He has done in my life. This song will touch the hearts of all those who hear it. Thank you Jesus.

1.   Incomparable is your love Lord, So, nandri easu,
   Unmatchable is your love Lord, So, nandri easu,
   Thy mercies are new for me everyday, So, nandri easu,
   Uncountable is your faithfulness, so nandri easu.

Thank you Jesus, nandri Easu,
Nandri Easu, thank you Jesus
Enn pathangal thavaramal you held me,
Enn valikai ali yamel you guided me,
enni your Word theytriyadhu,
Thank you Jesus, nandri Easu,
Nandri easu.

      Iam the apple of your eye,  So, nandri easu,
   You have numbered my hair, so nandri easu,
   You have graven me on your palm, so nandri easu,
   It is you who first loved me, so nandri easu.

   You bore all my sins, So, nandri easu,
   Iam now a free person, So, nandri easu,
   Still koinjam kalam than, so nandri Easu,
   Then to a land far away, So nandri Easu. 

 --- Anand Emmanuel john

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Touch one child’s life and inspire a million - Help A Child in India

When I had a cup of coffee it was 4 in the morning. No sun rays had peed out from the clouds yet. The roads were calm and the night had not faded away. But there was this young mother of a 2 year old girl child trying to make herself and the baby comfortable admits the pile of stones that were stocked in front of a construction site. The building next to our home happened to be that place. That evening I walked up to the place where the construction was going on and enquired her whereabouts. Those workers had come from different places of India as daily wages. The next day in the afternoon she and some workers came to my house and asked for water. As I gave them a bottle to drink, she smiled and told that her name was Salim. She seemed to be in her early 20's. 

Many like Salim are burdened of parenting a child at a very young age. These children suffer from malnutrition. They never get the opportunity to go to school as their parents ( In most cases single mothers) leave their home towns and travel distant places for a living. They don’t find a permanent resting place of their own, instead build beautiful luxury homes for others all through their life.

The worst affected are these toddlers. They are born on the streets and live life like a vagabond with a high risk percentage of becoming into a notorious criminal or fall prey to poverty and hunger. These little victims of bad destiny, for no fault of theirs except for being born into a poor undesired, marginalised society, suffer without proper shelter, food, clothing, education and a decent upbringing. For a crime they are not part off, these children are exposed to pollution, all kinds of diseases, sexual harassment (Which is common in our country now a days), torture (In case of child labour which is also a major concern in this country), unclean drinking water and many other threats. In these, some of which like sexual harassment and child labour, continue for generations where a select community of people are underlined and branded that they are born to undergo these kinds of inhumane brutalities. 
Are we all not born with the same blood as those innocent infants are? Is it not our responsibility to bring a change in the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters?

Help a child in need and enjoy the smile on its face. There are many not even able to find a daily wages job. Their life ends in their small unapproachable village where only poverty laughs loud in those lands. Touch one child’s life and inspire a million. You can do so by contributing just Rs.500/- per month.

please visit the below web site

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are we Mourning or Dancing?

I wanted to write on this issue a long time back, but I just dint get the right words to express my inner most feelings as it was hurt by a lot of cruel and unhealthy criminal contributions by our whole national system towards women who are considered the sacred identity of God.

There are a large section of people who stood up against some evil doors demanding justice for poor Nirbhaya. But what happens to the other thousand Ms X, Mrs Y’s? With a deliberate intention I coated the other victims of this cruel act with different prefixes. Yes, the young and the old are all sufferers of such viciousness and their cry gets disappeared into thin air even before it could reach their roofs. Some die even before they could cry. Their identities are lost and gone for ever.

Marry young, escape rape: Haryana ex-CM, Om Prakash Chautala backs Khap Panchayats call to lower marriageable age to 16. – Hot news making rounds in all the media.

If such is the mind set of these political leaders of this worlds largest democratic nation, then how can justice be without bias?

This is the anger of a real living soul. An rage suppressed by power and money. This has become a place where law is covered under a haystack and burnt to ashes.

Dr. Anita Shukla, Lions Club Secretary has said: ‘The victim should have surrendered when surrounded by six men, at least it could have saved her intestines'.

I want to end here with a question, a suggestion and a promise …..

Is India mourning the death of an innocent victim of brutality and animal behavior or is it celebrating its cricket victory over its rivals? If here, the later part wins, then India will never see a CHANGE. Celebrities from every field should stand up for this cause. Even they are humans and citizens of this country. Its cricket and films that drive Indians crazy. Why cant celebrities (Demi God’s) raise a hand against abolishing this cruel act from our society. Where has the IAC, the Hazare’s and the kejriwal’s gone? No matter who supports, I will stand up for this. A commoner like me will fight it out. 

Justice is inevitable.